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The Negative Health Effects of Sitting

The CDC did a study that showed that 1 in 4 Americans spend more than 8 hours a day seated and almost half of the population do not exercise on a weekly basis. With less than 5% of Americans spending less than 4 hours a day seated.

Diet Drinks and Zero Calorie Sodas, Healthy?

One of our clients brought to our attention that there are a lot of misconceptions within health and nutrition. One of the major misconceptions is sodas having Zero calories and Zero sugar being a healthier alternative and won’t negatively affect weight loss. 

Low Carb vs. Low Calorie

Consuming enough nutrients and getting enough protein is crucial. Normally, foods that are high in sugar and carbs are also high in calories, these are your starchy, sugar filled, and processed foods

Refreshing Watermelon Slushies

Watermelon Slushies are not only delicious but they are way more jam packed with nutrients than most desserts. All you will need is a ripe watermelon, a lime, a little sugar, and a blender!

Eat guilt free at a restaurant!

Let’s be real, eating outside is not bad. It is what you choose to eat that makes you feel guilty. Going out to eat is something that many people who are trying to lose weight deny themselves, because more often than not it is healthier to eat food that you prepared yourself. With this being said, we want to take some time to give you tips on how to eat out healthier.

Summer Quinoa Salad

It is hot and sunny outside, this quinoa salad is great for a zesty side dish, served on top of lettuce for a refreshing salad, or in a wrap.

Exercising Benefits Your Work Life

The most common reason why people don’t workout on a regular basis, is that they don’t have time, or work has been stressful. This might be valid but we are here to challenge that reasoning.

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