Counting Calories vs. Counting Carbs

Which method is best for weight loss, Counting Calories or Counting Carbs?

Unfortunately, neither is the best for healthy weight loss by itself. Burning more calories than you are consuming is how weight loss takes place, however there are many variables to make sure you are losing weight healthily.

Consuming enough nutrients and getting enough protein is crucial. Normally, foods that are high in sugar and carbs are also high in calories, these are your starchy, sugar filled, and processed foods. Limiting your empty calories and replacing it with something with protein, vitamins, and healthy fiber is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

The cons of simply counting calories includes that there is no regulation of getting the nutrients the body needs. One of the main Cons of going low carb is that it doesn’t guarantee low calories. Have a balance.

Watch your macros, make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet, ,make sure your diet is higher in fiber to help keep you full, and limit empty carbs. It’s important to not exclusively limit yourself without monitoring your nutritional needs.

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