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Wallace Fitness™ changes the perception of fitness by making health and wellness truly about the individual and their safety! As featured in TedTalk, we developed our trademarked High Performance Aging™ Program to improve the quality of life for individuals whatever your goal, and your current health is, we are here to help you achieve it safely. Would you love to be guided by the friendly, caring and professional team at Wallace Fitness™ who shares one goalto improve their members’ quality of life so they live the life they have always wanted?

Our Unique Approach

The success of the Wallace Fitness™ Methodology comes from creating and implementing a onsite or online personalized training program for each member that captures the individuals unique physical and personal experiences, genetics, age, injuries, limitations and, most importantly, establishes a pathway to that member’s personal objective. Wouldn’t you like your team of experts to consider all these and actually have the experience with working people like you?

We will Take Care of You

Wallace Fitness™ is a world-class appointment only private studio providing individual and corporate wellness programs onsite and online. We are your expert personal trainers with the unique knowledge and experience to help you achieve and maintain your health goals. Each one of us here for you. We all will be with you every step of the way providing you the best world-class personal training and nutrition experience. Don’t you think you deserve such experience?

World-Class Personal Fitness Training
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I was hesitant to workout because I have a shoulder injury, but…

Jeffrey A. Goodman

MD, Gastroenterologist

I’m 75 years old and I do not stumble or trip when I walk

Alice M.

75 yrs

I used to have severe back pain which hurt my sleep. I couldn’t sleep….
Al R.

I BROKE MY NECK. I had a fracture on C4, and C5…I don’t like being surrounded by gym rat, selfies in the mirror

Amy J.

Riding Instructor, 44 yrs

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