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Personal Training

Wallace Fitness Personal TrainerWallace Fitness world class Certified Professional Trainers have extensive experience training championship athletes and people wishing to increase their endurance or running speed, lose weight, look better and live a healthy life.
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Weight Loss

Weight LossLOST over 90lb
Our complete and comprehensive program will help you lose weight and create long-term health success.

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Group Training

Group Training - Wallace Fitness
Through individual or small group training, Wallace Fitness prepares a plan that fits your needs. Combining good nutrition, cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and weight training for maximum fat burning and lean muscle gain.

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Senior Training

Wallace Fitness trains seniorsAmerica’s Over-50 Population:  there is no group to whom personal fitness is more vital! Wallace Fitness specializes in Fitness Training for Seniors.
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Wallace Fitness - Dottie
The Wallace Fitness Toning Program will enable you to lose weight, build lean muscle, and increase bone density and joint strength. We create a customized program based on your body type, your fitness level, and your goals.

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With strength training and toning, your large muscle groups will increase lean body mass far more efficiently than by spot training alone.

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Our unique sineSTRETCH, individual therapeutic recovery treatment, was developed by Wallace Fitness to maximize your wellness results.

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InBody 570

Wallace Fitness is the first in Florida to provide InBody 570 Professional Body Composition Analysis, which provides comprehensive muscle and fat diagnosis that are essential in monitoring health.

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I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been! Lincoln and Sine have developed a comprehensive nutrition and exercise program targeted to my needs. I never get bored because every time I come they change my workout routine to keep me engaged. I have lost 90 pounds and kept it off!

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Ellen T.

I go to Wallace Fitness because they listen, they care, and they produce results! Now my legs are toned and my buttock is nicely shaped and lifted. I also appreciate the warm and friendly atmosphere I experience with Sine and Lincoln at Wallace Fitness.

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Gloria R.

I’ve been working out at Wallace Fitness for over two years. At age 56 I’m in the best shape ever and I continue to improve on my best running times. I look forward to my workouts for the energy they give me. Lincoln and Sine are sincere, caring, and dedicated – and I feel blessed to call them my personal trainers!

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Dottie B.

Working out with Wallace Fitness has made me more alert. I would never have believed it would help me so much at age 92. I can now open bottles and jars on my own and do not use my cane as often. Lincoln and Sine helped my posture and my hip has even stopped hurting.

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Gynelle R.

Wallace Fitness will help you achieve your health and fitness goals...

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