Wallace Fitness™ in Mount Dora, Florida provides friendly, warm, personal fitness training for Eustis, Tavares, and the greater Lake County area. Meet our High Performance Aging™ specialist and World-Class Certified Personal Trainers:


A former World and National Champion in Martial Arts and member of the North American Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Lincoln Wallace, is a passionate certified personal trainer and co-founder of Wallace fitness, Mount Dora’s premier fitness facility. The author of Reflections of Challenges and Triumphs, an autobiography of his rise to fame in the world of martial arts, Lincoln was born in Jamaica but grew up in Canada where he met his wife, Sine. Together they’re dedicated to improving the health and fitness of their clients who range in age from 14 to 90.

As someone who’s interested in a wide range of sports, Lincoln plays golf, and enjoys tennis and competitive chess.


A 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate, Sine Wallace holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as certifications in Personal Training, Weight Management, Senior Fitness and Nutrition Management. As an extensively certified health coach and personal trainer, she is dedicated to help people improve their lives by maximizing their health and fitness. Originally from Turkey where she trained as an engineer, Sine met her husband and partner Lincoln Wallace, a martial arts world champion and successful personal trainer. Together they started Wallace Fitness after meeting in Canada and eventually moving to Florida. Today, as the CEO of Wallace, she has launched a new and innovative stretching service, sineStretch designed to help relieve the effects of stress and tension in clients.

Sine is also a contributing author for several local publications. She’s a regular guest speaker for local radio talk shows and a keynote speaker for many organizations. In addition, she was selected from a field of many applicants to present a Ted Talk in early 2019. In pursuit of her mission, Sine is an active member of the community and focuses on teaching people how to reach their health and fitness goals – no matter what their age. In her free time, Sine enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs and enjoys being outdoors, especially at the beach.


As part of the Wallace Fitness Team, Elysabeth Hardin loves working with clients and colleagues that share her passions — not only for health — but also for improving the quality of people’s lives. A former Physical Education Teacher at Eden Academy, Wallace Fitness trained, Certified Personal Trainer and her training style mixes balance and coordination training with improved physical strength and agility.

In high school, her experience with rock climbing allowed her to learn the positive mental condition that results from overcoming individual fears and working to stay in shape. Her work as a strength, balance, and agility coach for a local Basketball League in combination with college studies in Exercise Science and Health Psychology make her the dedicated and knowledgeable trainer she is today.


Stephan is a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps who trained and coached Marines in maintaining the fitness standards and goals set by the Marine Corps and the individual Marine. Stephan currently holds a brown belt in MCMAP and is Wallace Fitness trained, Certified Personal Trainer (AFPA).

Passionate about fitness, Stephan lives to share enthusiasm with others who aspire to become a better, stronger version of themselves. His philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as he works toward enhancing the well being of our clients. He does this by empowering them with the knowledge they need, the support they want, and the guidance required for their journey to a healthier life.

In his free time, Stephan, who is also a dedicated pilot, can be found flying through the skies of central Florida.

Jennifer Clayton - Wallace Fitness


Jennifer, newly mom, a Wallace Fitness trained and Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Auburn University in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Marketing. Once a client of Wallace Fitness, Jennifer stood out due to her discipline, dedication and interest in guiding clients, both young and old, to reach their fitness goals. Today she is a patient, focused trainer who brings her unique perspective as a former client to bear in guiding her clients.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys Auburn & Florida football as well as spending time out on the water boating in the summers.  

Wallace Fitness world class Certified Professional Trainers and Health Coaches have extensive experience training championship athletes, as well as individuals wishing to increase their endurance or running speed, or simply lose weight, look better and live a healthy life.

“Getting YOU fit is our passion!”

Lets face it, meeting fitness goals is hard work. But at Wallace Fitness we are dedicated to helping you reach and surpass your goals – and feel better at reaching your achievements. Whether you are losing weightlearning self defense, toning your body, or trying to become more flexible, Wallace Fitness will help you in your journey.

Why Wallace Fitness?

  • Wallace Fitness Personal TrainerOur results are real and you can read our testimonials and success stories!
  • Lincoln and Sine are highly qualified world class certified trainers and are passionate about helping everyone achieve their maximum potential. In 2012 alone, our clients lost well over 2,000 pounds and our runners won more medals than ever before. Each year we continue to increase these results.
  • The Wallace Fitness studio is comfortable and private – unlike big-box franchise gyms. The environment is welcoming and no one is judged for any reason.
  • Conveniently located in Mount Dora, just minutes from Eustis, Tavares, Sorrento, Apopka, Leesburg and the surrounding areas of Lake and Orange County.
  • We have trained NBA families, national champions, law enforcement, medical professionals, new mothers, military and everyone in between.
  • Everyone has a budget and we do our best to work within yours. We’re here to help you meet your goals – even beyond the time we spend together!

What Services Do We Offer?

Wallace Fitness is actively involved in the local community and organizes the annual Mount Dora Health and Fitness Expo –  featured in the Orlando Sentinel.

Wallace Fitness in the Community & Media

September 12, 2013 | By Lori Carter, Orlando Sentinel Correspondent

Martial-arts expert Lincoln Wallace loves helping others get fit

Sine and Lincoln Wallace, at Wallace Fitness in Mount Dora, are owner-operators of a gym. Lincoln is a member of the North American Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and Sine is also a black belt.

Sine and Lincoln Wallace at Wallace Fitness in Mount Dora – photo by Tom Benitez, Orlando Sentinel

MOUNT DORA — Lincoln Wallace didn’t remain incognito for long.

The martial-arts expert, who moved to Mount Dora from Canada a few years ago, started working out and helping others, too. It’s something he always liked to do. Before long, he was training people in the clubhouse where he lived. “It got so huge,” he said. “I came out of retirement.”

The seventh-degree black belt in karate has won many amateur titles in sparring including four Canadian national titles, a world International Karate Association championship in 1987 in addition to being a North American and European champion.

“I came over here and nobody knew me,” he said. “Now everybody knows me.”

Wallace, 54, last year opened Wallace Fitness at 252 N. Donnelly St. He has about 50 clients. “I love helping others — if someone truly wants to learn or lose weight, get fit,” he said. “They have to be disciplined if they want to do it.”

Born in Jamaica, Wallace, moved to Toronto, Canada, when he was 10. He said he had a hard time in school because of his accent. Others began bullying him because of it. To defend himself, he took up boxing. “I didn’t like getting hit in the face,” he said of the sport. “I do like boxing, though.”

Wallace took up karate at a community center when he was 13. Someone noticed his talent and asked him to go to the karate gym. Although he didn’t have money, the master took him on. “I went to my first tournament and won,” he said. “I knew it was for me.”

Wallace earned his brown belt before his master moved back to Malaysia. A senior black belt took over the school. Sparring was no longer its forefront, so he moved on to another school in Toronto. His martial-arts talent blossomed as the competition intensified. Wallace opened his own school in Canada. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame Martial Arts in 2003 and about five years ago with the encouragement of his wife, Sine, wrote “Reflections of Challenges and Triumphs.”

“I’m extremely proud of my accomplishments ,” he said. “When I was kid, I couldn’t read or write. It’s part of what gave me the ability to do what I do, to be a good athlete.”

Wallace Fitness is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. For more information, go to www.WallaceFitness.com

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