Our unique sineSTRETCH™ individual therapeutic recovery treatment was developed by Wallace Fitness to maximize your wellness results:


  • Reduce the impact of acute and chronic pain
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Increase circulation and range of motion
  • Assist with injury prevention
  • Increase everyday energy and wellness
  • Feel better


“My sciatica was gone the next day! sineSTRETCH™ is the only thing helps my sciatica!” Janice

I can sleep now that my back pain is gone, thanks to sineSTRETCH™ ! I used to take pain killers and sleeping pills to go through the day and to be able to sleep.”  Marlene


 I feel like a new person! It’s better than massage.” Nancy







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We only get one body and one life. Make the most of it by getting and staying in shape.
Physical fitness is the foundation to a better life.

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