Do you need a Healthy, Easy, Summer Dessert idea?

Yes, we said dessert!

Watermelon Slushies are not only delicious but they are way more jam packed with nutrients than most desserts. All you will need is a ripe watermelon, a lime, a little sugar, and a blender!

Step 1: Cut the watermelon into cubes and freeze, 4 medium sized cubes for one slushie should do.

Step 2: Add the frozen watermelon cubes and a pinch of sugar to bring out the sweetness to the blender.

Step 3: Add 1 tablespoon of lime juice.

Step 4: Blend the ingredients together, you can add ice cubes until it is your desired consistency.

Step 5: Pour slushies into glasses and garnish with mint or lime wedges.

This is a super hydrating and refreshing dessert for these hot summer days. Your kids will also love them!
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