Are zero calorie sodas healthy?

One of our clients brought to our attention that there are a lot of misconceptions within health and nutrition. One of the major misconceptions is sodas having Zero calories and Zero sugar being a healthier alternative and won’t negatively affect weight loss. 

We wanted to focus on diet and zero calorie sodas and other drinks like them. Are they a healthy drink option on a regular basis? On occasion some people have suggested if your sugar drops you could take a sip or two to help bring it back up. However, there have been studies showing that zero calorie sodas with all the sugar alternatives can lead the consumers to crave sweets even more, raising the risk of diabetes and obesity.

There is some evidence that carbonated beverages of any kind can be connected to increased levels of the hormone ghrelin, which is the hormone that causes hunger. Due to conflicting research we don’t have a direct answer on their effects.  In short, there is still a need for greater research on the direct effects of zero calorie sodas on weight gain and or weight loss.  

We here at Wallace Fitness™ would recommend you to switch from sodas of any kind and drink water. You could even spruce your water up with Lemon, mint, or herbal teas. We hope you all have a healthy week!

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