Eat Guilt Free at a Restaurant

Let’s be real, eating outside is not bad. It is what you choose to eat that makes you feel guilty. Going out to eat is something that many people who are trying to lose weight deny themselves, because more often than not it is healthier to eat food that you prepared yourself. With this being said, we want to take some time to give you tips on how to eat out healthier.

1. Check the restaurant’s menu ahead of time. This way you know if there are any options that align with your nutritional needs.

2.  Avoid drinking your calories. Drink water.

3. Ask for no butter, or for butter on the side. A lot of restaurants use butter in places we wouldn’t originally think, because butter makes it taste better but it skyrockets the calories.

4.  Just like at home, fill up on veggies. For your sides, get healthy veggies and consider ordering extra sides of veggie to go along with your protein to help fill you up so you are less likely to crave dessert or table chips/bread.

5. If you order something that you have really been craving and want to treat yourself with, like a burger for example. As soon as it arrives at the table, ask for a to-go box and put half of it into the box for a different time. This will help you monitor your portion size. This tip works great for healthy orders as well if they come out and are more than a standard portion.

Eating out doesn’t have to be completely avoided, that isn’t realistic or maintainable. Just make smart choices. Hopefully these tips help you enjoy restaurants and keep achieving your goals.

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