Eating Guilt Free During the Holidays

Firstly, we want to point out that we want our clients to enjoy the holidays and all their favorite foods, just in the most responsible and healthy way possible. Below we will layout some simple tips and tricks to help you get through this holiday without reversing the progress you have been making.

  • Tip One: Choose wisely. If you love a certain food that is high calorie, avoid other high calorie filler options that you don’t particularly like. For Example if you are going to eat a whole slice of your favorite pie maybe avoid the dinner rolls or cookies. Take smaller portions, and don’t feel like you have to try everything.
  • Tip Two: Take your time. It can take up to 20 minutes to feel full so don’t rush your food and quickly get seconds. You might be more full than you think.
  • Tip Three: Give away the leftovers. Allow yourself one or two days of holiday food not a whole week.
  • Tip Four: If you go to a social gathering for the holiday be aware of stress eating. People are more likely to graze and overeat when they are at a social gathering. It is a way to fill the awkward time. Keep yourself busy and be aware of how much you are eating before the main course even starts.
  • Tip Five: Don’t feel like you have to be a pleaser. It is all too common to feel like you have to eat something that someone brought, but you don’t. Make yourself a priority and simply say that you are full when people offer you food that you don’t want to eat, or say okay but i will just take a little bit.

Over the holidays it is especially hard to stick to healthy eating. Give yourself a little wiggle room and patience but do not completely neglect your healthy eating. Enjoy the holiday but then get right back to your regimen when it is over.

Make good choices and happy holidays!

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