Step up your nutrition with these 5 meal prepping tips…

1. Pick a designated day
to do your meal prep and in the beginning make sure to stick to it, this will help you get past it feeling like a chore. Once you get used to it and realize how much time you save over the rest of the week it will get easier to commit to.

2. Add variety to keep it enjoyable. High protein is a must! But it doesn’t need to be the same protein everyday. Cook half chicken, half fish, or half lentils and half tofu. You can easily vary your sides, let’s say you are cooking a protein and a green vegetable. Half of the meals can be chicken and broccoli with brown rice, half can be tilapia and asparagus with sweet potatoes. Variety will help you enjoy your meal prepped food and make it more likely that you will stick to it.

3. Crockpots and Instapots are a great asset to meal prepping. If you have a particularly busy week, come up with an instapot recipe. You can get it cooking and leave it for hours while it cooks and you complete other tasks.

4. Know what you need before grocery shopping. Get used to buying more at one time, you might be cooking 5 servings of chicken when you are used to cooking only one or two. Make sure you have enough. Lots of veggies are a great way to add quantity, but you might need 3 heads of broccoli when you are used to only buying one. It is no fun to have to go back to the store to complete your meal prepping.

5. Be considerate when cooking that you will be reheating all the food, so be careful not to overcook the food. If you like your steak medium, cook it to medium rare to account for reheating.

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