Benefits of Outdoors on Mental & Physical Health

It isn’t new information that it is good to get outside, our parents have been saying it for generations. “Get outside and play!” But is it really understood how beneficial it is to spend time outdoors? Probably not. It helps to improve so many things, both psychologically and physically. With so many adults working from home and children going to school online, it is a particularly positive time to inspire others to get out in nature.

Spending time outdoors in nature outside of a city, has been shown to be directly correlated to:

  • Reduced stress hormones within the body

  • Improved blood pressure

  • Reduced rates of depression and anxiety

  • Improved mood

  • Improved short term memory

  • Improved focus

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Increased vitamin D levels

The majority of us are spending a lot of time indoors and working on the computer. As a company that didn’t work on the computer full time before March, we have noticed in our own lives the improvements on our efficiency after spending some time outside during the day. For more information on how walking in nature has been shown to improve memory retention check out the article by Business Insider down below.

Going outside on a sunny day for as little as 10-15 minutes can increase the body’s Vitamin D levels and though this process reduces bodily inflammation. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce inflammation and to reduce cancerous tumor growth in a study that was published in 2013. Be careful not to spend too much time in the sun without sunblock, 10-15 minutes maximum. But get out and get that Vitamin D, exercise outside, take the time you need for your own health. We are not built to spend all of our time indoors, our bodies are programmed to need nature. Go play outside!

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