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Most of us are spending a large portion of our day in a chair at a desk. So with that in mind, we wanted to build a quick desk workout for you that can be performed once every 4 hours to help break up your sitting. Complete two full rounds of this mini-workout. We also encourage you to set a timer so that you are getting up and walking, standing, stretching, some form of movement every hour.

  • Chair Squat: (Complete 10-20 reps) When performing the chair squat, let your body weight shift back into your heels as you sit your hips back gentle tapping the chair. Keep your knees as far back behind your toes as possible. Keep your chest up as you lower to the chair. Prevent your back hunching forward as you sit, so you don’t rock forward putting too much pressure on the knees.
  • Chair Mountain Climbers: (1 Minute) Place your hands on a stable surface, a bench, desk or chair. Using your core to keep your back straight. Lift your knee in a crossing motion bringing it towards the opposite arm. Place it back gently and repeat on the other side. Keep the motion controlled but speedy to increase your heart rate. If you have wrist issues rest your weight on your forearms instead of your hands.
  • Desk Push Ups: (10-20 reps) Place hands just outside your shoulders on any flat elevated surface, a sturdy desk, counter etc. Set your feet back a little wider than your hips. It is expected that you will roll onto your toes as you lower down. Lower so the stable surface comes to your chest not your face. Press through your chest as you breathe out to bring yourself back up to starting position.
  • Chair Back Stretch:  (Hold for 15-30 Seconds) Using a sturdy chair, walk your feet back, lower your torso down with a slight bend in your knees. Do not pull on the chair it will tip. At the bottom of the stretch take some nice deep breaths, focus on relaxing your spine and your shoulders

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