Alice Mueller - Wallace FitnessAlice Mueller

I was 75 when I started at Wallace Fitness to become healthier and stronger. I can now say:

  • I have more confidence and better posture
  • I do not stumble or trip when I walk
  • I have great looking upper arms
  • My attitude is great
  • I sleep better
  • I feel much stronger overall

These are just a few of my positive results. I absolutely love coming to Wallace Fitness. Sine and Lincoln are always so friendly and happy. They truly care about all of their clients, and that is important.

Dr.TorresDr. Victor Torres, 52, Physician

This facility and these people can help others achieve a quality of life that can sustain them both mentally and physically. My goal was to regain confidence within myself and feel stronger in both body and mind, and within three months I feel I have achieved that with Lincoln. He is not just my personal trainer, he has become a personal friend. He cares about me in and out of the gym. I appreciate his ability to transform both mind and soul.




Dottie MedalDottie Beebe, 55, Nurse

I saw a friend of mine improving her running times without injury and when I asked how did she do it, she told me that she started training with Lincoln and Sine personal training. Plus Lincoln and Sine are both very sincere people and they truly care about me. I feel very comfortable and welcome. They always keep my personal specific goals in mind. I like that the focus is all about me.

Wallace Fitness does a great job to make sure my body is in proper alignment and I use adequate weight. He targets on the specific areas you wish to improve. In my case, I’m a runner and wanted to improve my running time and get toned.

I had series of injuries so I wanted to strengthen my core and legs to run faster so that I could run for many, many years to come. Also to the degree he has strengthening me I didn’t realize I didn’t have and proper stretching exercises Wallace Fitness made me do.

Keeps me motivated and I can see results. Some times I don’t feel like exercising but when I come to Wallace Fitness, I’m energized and leaving feeling all energized and great!

Personal Trainer Mount DoraKate Wujek, 33, Executive Assistant

Complete with cardiovascular exercise equipment, strength training machines and free weights, Wallace Fitness could easily become your one-stop shop for getting your sweat on. I look forward to my workouts. The atmosphere is welcoming and individuals of all fitness levels are found here. They offer fitness options to keep all members challenged and happy. I have been a member for a year and I am treated like I am special every time I come. I would definitely recommend this gym to all my friends!




  Joan Henns, RetiredJoan

Older people tend to waddle when they walk – a result of poor balance. But after only five weeks with Wallace Fitness, my walking became much stronger.  I also have more energy and feel less pain from my Osteoarthritis.   I have more energy and vitality and feel more independent.  Everything feels better – even my attitude!


David.IMG_1378David Wheeler, 72, Retired

Wallace Fitness offers programs appropriate to your age and condition.  They work to measurable objectives.  The emphasis here is on correct technique and progressive improvement.  “Coach” Lincoln – and that’s the right description – guides my progress in an encouraging, positive and personable manner.  I work but it’s fun.  I highly recommend him to Seniors.


Some of our Weight Loss Success Stories…

Weight Loss Lake CountySara 26, Manager

Until about six months ago, health and fitness was never a priority in my life. Because of this, I wasn’t overly familiar with any comprehensive workout routines or diet regimens. This made it incredibly intimidating for me to walk into a gym on my own, and why I justified not going. I’d seen Wallace Fitness several times and loved the private atmosphere, but have to admit that my upcoming wedding was the sole catalyst for joining. Never did I think that it would change my life and priorities long term in the way that it has.

My biggest worries committing myself to such a program were much the same as most other working class people- money, time, and fear. Wallace Fitness had the solution for all of those. They work within my schedule and have a variety of packages to work within most budgets. Most importantly, it’s clear to even the biggest skeptic that after only one session with Lincoln and Sine, that they are undoubtedly experts in their field. They are completely in tune with your physical needs and capabilities… In my case, even more so than I was. They consistently push me more than I ever thought possible, but somehow never fail to make me walk out feeling on top of the world! After less then a couple of weeks worth of sessions, I’d already lost several inches and felt better than ever! Now, six months  and 36 pounds later, I can let the pictures do the talking.

None of this goes without saying, though, how great of a personality they both have day in and day out! They make it a blast to workout, and are incredibly motivational… They are sincerely invested in your progress, and it becomes obvious how they use it as their own motivation to transform you into the best version of yourself. Wallace fitness has made me look forward to doing something on a daily basis that I used to cringe just thinking about.

I’ve met many of their other clients and always take note of how highly they speak of Lincoln and Sine, both professionally and personally. I believe a true testament of their ability, though, is how they can convert average people like us… People with no health/fitness experience or knowledge, and influence them to make an absolute life change so quickly. Without a doubt, Wallace Fitness was by far the best investment I could have ever made towards myself, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants improve their body, energy, strength and stamina.


IMG_0591Alisha Wyattbateman, 32, Nurse    

As a skinny scrawny girl, personal training with Lincoln increased my muscle mass. First 5 weeks I put half inches on my calves and I took half inch off my waist. Personal training with Lincoln has given me the confidence in my ability to train and feel good about myself. I am definitely in much better shape over all and especially cardiac wise. I just LOVE coming to Wallace Fitness studio in downtown Mt. Dora. They encourage me to eat better and take care of myself.






Glory Joy, 31, Hair Stylist

I’ve been working with Lincoln Wallace for about 6 months now and I feel amazing! I’ve lost 12 inches, 10 pounds and built a ton of muscle. Kickboxing, weights, nutrition, stretching are just some things in the regular routine. I do believe he is the best around!

 IMG_0626Daren Greene, 47, Corporate  Manager

I have been coming to Wallace Fitness for about 16 months and I do not regret one minute because I clearly see and feel results. This is a professional and comfortable facility. Lincoln tells you the truth, not what you want to hear. Working out with Wallace Fitness is actually fun!



157055_524978874211552_540466590_nJackie Carr, 40

I had a lot of cellulite on the back of my legs and I had flab on my tummy and arms. It’s amazing what a proper personal trainer can do for your body.
Working out with Lincoln motivates you. He has improved my self-esteem by teaching me Kickboxing and Self Defense.
Lincoln is a very professional and positive person.  No amount of money can equal the health benefits I have achieved with Lincoln & Sine

I enjoy working out with Lincoln. My body has improved in so many areas. Thank you so much for pushing me every day! I could not have done it without you.


Jennifer Ragan, Teacher – Watch my testimonial video here

Mom and I really really enjoyed the workout! The kick boxing is such a great workout while at the same time being fun. I love when Lincoln pushes us with strength training and core work.  It’s challenging at the time, but feels great afterward! These workouts are making me stronger and more toned. Thank you both for all you to do help us become more fit and healthy!


Robin Garrett, mom

As an adult with a cardiopulmonary, it was easy to become sedate and pack on weight. In December of 2008, I weighed at 230 pounds. I hated the  way I looked but mainly the way I FELT! So, I decided to take charge of my life!

Nobody had force fed me or made me make all those poor eating and health decisions. Nobody was to blame but me so only I could remedy the situation! In spring of 2009, I started walking with a neighbor. We started slow and I progressed. By July of 2009, I got up enough courage to go to the Stoneybrook Hills gym. Then I started to run. I bought a bike. I started eating clean foods. I never went on some crazy diet or even counted my calories. I simply moved my body, A LOT! I cut out sugar, processed foods and CRAP!

In 2011, Wallace Fitness proposed a new training program. At that time I was approximately 85 ponds down. But not well toned. Today, I am participating in the classes and having Lincoln strength train me. I am seeing HUGE results in my saggy skin and “cottage cheese” thighs. Inches have been melting off. My muscles are being seen.

I love the way I am transforming in such a short period of time!

Sine and Lincoln are both sincere. They truly want others to be healthy. Their energy is contagious and their classes are FUN. Hard, yes, but always fun! Students encourage each other, laugh and even moan with each other.

Not many people on this planet still give of themselves to help others achieve a better life. Sine and Lincoln encourage us to make time for ourselves!

Losing weight, getting your heart healthy or just getting rid of your frustrations of the day – it all takes place at Wallace Fitness.