You’re hitting the gym, being active and you don’t see your body changing as you’d hoped. You are not alone! I hear this disappointment often when I do free consultations. “I am walking every day!”, “I go to gym for hours!”, “Why isn’t my body changing?”, “Where are the results of my hard-work?” Assuming proper nutrition and no medical concerns, perhaps your exercise regimen is not the one YOUR body responds to in order to get the results YOU want.

The right fitness regimen to get the results you want DOES exist. Of course, some of the factors we consider in crafting your individual exercise plan is your current fitness level, diet and nutrition, medical history, range of motion, achievable goals and your motivation level.

Your training program should include the following components:

  • Muscular Strength (tone up, get stronger, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of back problems and joint injuries.)
  • Cardiovascular Endurance (stronger heart, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.)
  • Flexibility (easier mobility, less stiffness and reduces your risk of injury.)
  • Balance (helps prevent falls and injuries.)
  • Body Composition (more muscle mass = higher metabolism and more energy. Your body is more balanced and you look good!)

Make sure your fitness plan is comprehensive. Avoid exercises that may aggravate injuries. For instance, if you have knee problems, lunges are not a good choice for you. Similarly, if you have a back injury, deadlifts will increase your risk of repeat injury. And don’t forget proper form. The quality of your form and technique matters more than the weight you lift. Without proper form, you increase your risk of injury which can sabotage your progress.

If you need help building a successful fitness regimen, check out a reputable training studio in your area. Wallace Fitness offers FREE CONSULTATION. Call (352) 735-4881 to book an appointment.