Client Spotlight – Kathy- 124 lbs gone!

I lost 124 pounds… “an entire unhealthy person.” I am off of 10 prescription medications including insulin, cholesterol and acid reflux meds. I no longer am a Type 2 diabetic. It was easy, quick, I wasn’t hungry, and I had a wonderful, supportive health coach who was there every step of the way!  Since reaching my health goals, I have easily been maintaining with the healthy habits I learned.  I would recommend this plan to everyone!!

Encouragement for Strength

If you find yourself struggling… please read what Psychology Today says about having a mentor, buddy, or coach:

“Relationships exert a powerful influence on our goal achievements in a number of ways. Having another to call on, we gain strength against cravings, fatigue, discouragement, confusion. We’re less likely to mess up when we know we’ll be reporting to someone else. We’re more likely to do what’s good for us with the encouragement and problem-solving help of another. We find inspiration in knowing that mentors have succeeded against similar odds.” 1

Call your Wallace Fitness today! Remember, we can support you wherever you are. We have tools, strategies, tips, and support you will need to make Health a long-term commitment. Don’t go it alone! Your success long-term isn’t as secure.

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